Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Storm of December 2010

Wow! Just drove through the most intense, white out, snowstorm that I have ever experienced! (SEVEN hours to travel 160 miles!) I was VERY fortunate to make it home, along the 91/95 highway through Conn to New York and out to Long Island.

Man, there are ALL kinds of drivers... my favorite are the SUVs that flew by me at 55 mph... with an obvious lack of any concern for anyone around their sphere of reality.

Several trailer trucks I saw had jackknifed themselves across a couple undistinguishable lanes... many cars were simply... abandoned along the roadside. As I muscled into my driveway at ten o'clock at night, through twelve inches of snow... I finally opened my car door after a longer than usual amount of time... (thanking the stars above for my safe trip) I crunched through the
snow... and... home. -- BL

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas day 2010

Ending out 2010, Christmas was a lot of fun with friends and family enjoying exchanging gifts, singing songs, great food, and sharing time together.

Above is a painting that I did of my parents when they were married, (with them sitting behind it) ... it was a Christmas gift to them which they look forward to hanging in their house.

I find it interesting viewing old photographs and reworking them into a contemporary painting.
I plan to be blogging more about this process and posting more recent paintings in this vein. -- BL

Friday, December 24, 2010

Checking back in...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone and have a wonderful, creative 2011! Stay tuned, I will be making more blog entries in the new year... much more new art work to talk about!

Found this image below...one of a series of photographs of water droplets at rest on various plants and objects that I took a while back... perhaps I'll post a few more later. -- BL