Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Show is over!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the many wonderful people who came to NOHO Gallery during my show: the folks from Australia, the ladies from Canada, the groups of art students, the couple from California, the man from Paris, the children who sketched in my sign-in book, my friends, fellow artists, the cool Japanese documentary film crew who filmed my entire show, the many people who purchased my handmade cards, and the fine couple who purchased two of my large paintings for their home. I appreciated all of the interesting conversations, questions and comments that I was happy to hear and engage in discussions about.) 


Here are more images from the show. -- BL

Monday, November 19, 2012

close ups...

Some images from my many walks from Penn Station into Chelsea... -- BL

Last week!

        Well... this will be the final week of my show in Clelsea!  To all who attended and shared comments and thoughts and ideas with me during my show... thank you!  It has been a very fast show because of my  delayed opening.  An incredible storm caused havoc all over the city, my best wishes to all for a complete recovery.

        I will be at the gallery Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and the final day, Saturday the 24th! Hope
to see and talk with many more people! Come, enjoy the show!

        I will NOT be in the gallery on Thursday, as it is Thanksgiving!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING
TO ALL... we have much to be thankful for! Enjoy each other.



Monday, November 12, 2012

My show in Chelsea

First, I would like to thank all of the brave souls who ventured into the city this past Saturday to check out my show and join us for what proved to be a successful opening reception!  Many people showed up and enjoyed the show and also had the chance to visit additional galleries on the same floor also having receptions at the same time! Great to see and talk with old and new friends! Show runs through November until the 24th! Stop by!

Below is a selection of pieces in the show. -BL-

Sunday, November 4, 2012


          WOW! WHAT A STORM! KNOCKED OUT OUR POWER ON MONDAY AND WE DID NOT GET IT RESTORED UNTIL LATE FRIDAY!  NO electricity, heat, internet, cell service for FIVE days! Man, what you take for granted!

           ALL of Port Washington and MOST of Nassau County was in the dark ALL that time! Huge trees down all over, on power lines, lawns, crushing fences, uprooted oaks, branches everywhere. We finally found ONE bagel store open in town running off a generator... took most of an hour in a LONG line to get some hot coffee and a bagel!

          We had cold nights, a lot of candlelit card games, and reading books by cool flashlights given to us in old Christmas stockings from a very cool dude!  Thanks!  Man, the times when it is a great asset to maintain a sense of HUMOR!

          AND... my show was to open the day AFTER the storm in the city... needless to say the ENTIRE week was a wash... NO power in downtown NYC... I did take a train in to NYC to check on my show... power had just come back to our building (Saturday) and I was able to put finishing touches on my show... AFTER hiking up four flights of stairs! (NO elevator service!)

          For those reading my blog... I will open my show this coming Tuesday, the 6th! AND my reception will be November 10th, from 3 to 6pm!  If you are able to come, DO check out the show, and joIn us at the reception... the show runs through until November 24th!

          Wow! What an omen for a show!

           Stay well.