Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'd like to thank the many terrific people who came by and checked out my studio during the recent Open Studio weekend. So good to see some old friends, unexpectedly... and make some new ones.

Passed out many business cards, had many cool discussions about my work and the time flew by! Hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and had some food and drink while visiting and in the Fall there will be another one!

So, if you were unable to attend this time, stay tuned, and check in with my blog later!
All the best to all fellow art lovers out there, and... catch you later. -- BL


PL said...

Dude! Good to see another blog entry. Did you take any digital photos during the event? If so, you should post them! -- PL

PL said...

Let's see some ART!

ART in progress!




Come on, Art Boy!