Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks to the hundreds of people who have already attended my show!

Besides family and friends, I have met wonderful people fom Paris, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia,Germany, England, and about a dozen or more states have been represented! Many great conversations, provoking comments and fascinating insights into my work! The show is half over and will run until April 9th. Hope to get to see and meet a lot more art lovers and enjoy more comments!

Attached are a few images from the show, one painting shows a young man going to Korea and he came to my recepton to be photographed next to himself many years ago!

I have sold one collage and dozens of hand made cards, which are available during the show to purchase.

More to come... enjoy! -- BL


PL said...

Nice! The show -- at least what you've shown so far -- looks great. I love the photo of the "young man" with his portrait.

But... who's that dude in the first painting... and what do all those symbols mean?! -- PL

BL said...

It be! (The symbols are astrological symbols for planets, etc....cerebral stuff...aka..YOU!