Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Studio update

Well, I had a water leak from a radiator in my studio which slowly, over time, seeped underneath most all of the floor tiles and wood base, causing a huge problem. It took a few weeks to get most of the entire floor torn up, down to the cement base... sanitized and a new floor put down. I am slowly reclaiming my studio space and getting back to work. (Part of my radiator was also replaced)

Also, I have been working at various galleries in Chelsea over the past few months after my own show and have not been in the studio. So, I am very ready to get back on track with my work (have plenty of ideas) and , as the song goes, get back to where I once belonged!
I'll also have more images of work to post and more blogs!
Thanks for checking in! -- BL


PL said...

Get back, BlARTman!

catherine said...

you always are full of ideas! sometimes i can see the start of a new thought by the expression on your face!!

BL said...

Thanks for the support!