Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day of extremes

Last week, I woke up and went outside to enjoy the beauty of Catherine's garden and snapped a few photographs before walking to the train enroute to my studio.  A ride to Woodside on the LIRR, the number  seven local train, several stops to Queensborough Plaza and a 20 minute walk found me working in the studio.  Beautiful day....quickly into a few collages, working on a painting, designing some new cards.....and then...a loud, muffled thud sound....within, it seemed, seconds....I looked out the windows of my studio and saw a horribly dense, dark smoke rising from the 59th Street Bridge.
I thought the worst.  Grabbed my camera to get a few images of this scary scene unfolding in front of me.


PL said...

Don't keep us in suspense, boss... what was it?

Jeannine Atkins said...

Yeah, what P. said! Love the flowers. Smoke looks scary.