Monday, May 16, 2011

"My Brothers and Me"

One of the paintings on my painting page, entitled "My Brothers and Me", is done from an old black and white photograph that my mother found in a drawer years ago and gave to me. I enjoy looking at old photographs and reinterpreting them in a more modern context through my paintings.

Usually, I scan the photo and begin trying various tools to change the image and alter its presentation yet retain the basic photo. It is fascinating to me to discover how little visual infromation is needed to maintain and present the photograph in a new format.

When I find an interesting print, I make a black and white copy of it and sketch a pencil grid on top of it and transfer the image onto a canvas. Then, I choose colors which create contrasts and actually, a small painting with each box within the total grid. Makes for many interesting final compositions. -- BL


catherine said...

Do you remember the day the photo was taken? Why did you chose this particular image. By the way, did I thank you for the painting of Maureen and I?

BL said...

We, the family, used to drive about five or so miles to a lake, surrounded by a beautiful wooded park called Mauserts in North Adams, every summer. I liked it because the water went out very gradually for quite a ways before it got very deep. we spent many sunny afternoons there...swimming and picniking.