Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming soon....

I found these two cool shadow photographs that I took a while ago in Manhattan. Being fascinated by the interesting negative shapes that shadows create...I think that I will alter one of these images and even introduce some color manipulations and... see what happens. Perhaps even repetitions of the image for a different effect.. we'll see how the paper reacts to my color choices.

Having a one person show coming up in Chelsea in March, I may even include this experiment... if... it is somewhat successful! Stay tuned!


PL said...

Bruce, I know you get these cool shadow photos by dint of your keen eye observing things around you, resulting in these "found" images. But... have you considering setting things up yourself to MAKE these shadows? That could be interesting! -- PL

BL said...

Yet, another great idea of yours...to set up and manipulate my own objects...perhaps I will
...DO IT!