Friday, January 7, 2011

My work in Great Neck, Long Island Gallery

These two paintings are now at the 10 Grace Avenue Gallery in Great Neck, Long Island. Both are acrylic paintings of mine. The Gallery hours are Tuesday-Sunday-11-6 through January, 2011! I am part of a five person show at this location and all work is for sale.

Here's the poster for the show:


mikeandraph87 said...

Welcome to Blogspot Mr. Bruce Laird. As a follower of your borther's blog I came over here on your brother's reccommendation. I see a few nice art pieces. What type of art do you specialize in? Paintings,drawing,pottery,etc?

Best of luck at the show.

BL said...

Hey, thanks for coming over and checking out the "other" brother's work!I have recently been doing a lot of collages, photographs, mixed media pieces and of course, painting.Drop in again!

Marc Cavello said...

Hey Bruce,
I really like the fingerprints piece and the other as well. You are a great artist. Loved talking with you yesterday...Keep up the good work...Best,

BL said...

Thanks for checking out my new blog! Always great talking with you also. Keep the art most important!