Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to blog....

With every intention of getting to the studio and cranking out some work... first to Home Depot to purchase some wood framing for paintings... (traffic on the Long Island Expressway had moved along quite smoothly) only to arrive at my studio in Long Island City... where trailer trucks full of MOVIE gear were unloading all over the place! (The area is getting famous for movie filming... employing the NYC skyline as a background.) SO many BLOCKS had NO PARKING! After maybe a bit too much driving around in search of a space I faced the reality that it was not happening today. Back on the road home... and now, a chance to catch up on my e-mails and post another blog entry! Enjoy a few more paintings of mine! -- BL


PL said...

Bruce, nice to see more paintings on your blog! Too bad about the parking thing -- sounds frustrating, but isn't that very NYC? Maybe if you'd hung around there, you could have gotten a part as an extra or something... or sold some paintings to some movie stars! -- PL

BL said...

Wishful thinking boss...(selling my work to movie stars)..
it was so cold and messy...the stars probably ONLY emerge from their heated trailers to do their scenes!...(and scoot back in!)
You know, it is kind of a NYC thing (parking hassles that is) only ONE other time in all the times I've gone to the studio have I returned home...I give my parking search and hour...any more and I feel that I need to commit to plan B before the day is totally ruined!

PL said...


It would be great to have some commentary on the images you posted here -- when did you paint them? Who are the subjects? What was your intent? Your technique?

Should I go on? -- PL